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Sean O'Reilly Senior editor

Nowadays, almost every person and every company stores crucial information on their computers, so a major data loss would often represent a real problem. Preventing such a thing from happening has become essential and this is why applications like Retrospect are very useful.

Retrospect is a dependable program that helps you backup the information on your computer and restore it in case you need to.
This versatile application can be successfully used as a solution for large companies, small businesses as well as for your home computer.

You will quickly discover that there are a lot of advantages to using Retrospect. Firstly, the application has cloud storage capabilities, so you will be able to backup and restore data from offsite locations. Moreover, this program can encrypt the data that it saves with the 256-bits AES algorithm, thus keeping your information safe from prying eyes.

One of the traits that really impressed me was the disaster recovery feature, which will help you get back all the data from a completely crashed partition, including your operating system. What’s even better, Retrospect has an add-on that will allow you to restore everything you backed up (even the Windows) to totally different hardware.

Another thing that I liked about this application was the care shown for the comfort of its users. Retrospect doesn’t only use smart incremental backups, but it also automatically cleans the data that it stores (according to your rules) in order to save as much disk space as possible. Furthermore, the application can create reports of the operations that it performed, so you will always know what was backed up and when.

In conclusion, Retrospect is a program that I recommend. The application does its job well and offers a user-friendly interface, so I’m fairly certain that its users will be satisfied with it.


  • It offers a disaster recovery feature.
  • The program can encrypt the data that it backs up.
  • The application saves as much disk space as possible by deleting older backups according to your needs.


  • Not exactly inexpensive.

What's new in version 8.0

Support for Cloud Storage

WebDAV support allows Retrospect to back up from or to offsite cloud storage. Powerful filtering rules can be employed to allow complete local backups, while ensuring only critical data needs to be copied to the cloud.

Instant Scan Speeds Backups

Retrospect Clients already know what files have been added or changed before the backup server even connects, cutting average nightly backup times in half. The same technology is also used on the backup server.

Administrator Feature Control

The backup administrator can control access to end-user features like marking private files, running an on-demand restore, or stopping a backup that’s in progress.

Restore to Dissimilar Hardware (add-on)

The Dissimilar Hardware Recovery add-on allows Retrospect to perform a complete restore—including the operating system—to entirely different hardware.

Windows Notification Area Support

The new Retrospect Client software uses the Notification Area to alert end users when backups are starting or have finished.

Support for Mountain Lion

Retrospect supports Mac OS X “Mountain Lion” on Mac client systems and takes full advantage of 64-bit resources.

Automatic Disk Grooming

Tell Retrospect how many backups to keep, and it will automatically remove older backups when it needs more space on disk-based storage. This technology allows Retrospect to perform faster, smaller Smart Incremental backups forever.

Bare Metal Disaster Recovery

Boot media can be created for nearly every Windows and Mac system protected by Retrospect to provide fast recovery from a non-bootable state.

Control and Monitor Retrospect from iOS

Use the free Retrospect iOS app on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to keep tabs on backups over Wi-Fi or 3/4G.

Back Up and Restore On Demand

New Retrospect Client software allows each user to quickly backup important files or folders and even run their own restores right from the Desktop. Now supports Windows and Mac clients.

Network Link Encryption

Retrospect will optionally encrypt communications between network clients and the backup server using strong AES-256 encryption to prevent network snooping of private information. Now supports strong encryption for Windows and Mac clients.

Publisher's description

Retrospect 8 backup and recovery software for Windows provides medical offices, law firms, banks, auto repair shops, restaurants, departments in large corporations, universities, government offices and so many others with the peace of mind knowing that their digital assets are safe.
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